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About Paul Brian

"Always entertaining.
Sometimes actually informative."


There are thousands of automotive sites. Maybe a few hundred of them are tended to by folks who know bullshit from breakfast bacon when it comes to the topic. Some can recite incredibly arcane, almost byzantine stats that will glaze eyes better than melted sugar over hot fried dough at a Krispy Kreme shop. If that level of picking the legs off of automotive bugs intrigues you, then perhaps this site isn't for you. 


I'm here because I love cars. I love to drive them, talk about them, doodle them on cocktail napkins and have deliciously fun talks--and sometimes arguments--about them with friends. For most of my life I've done just that and now invite you to sit in a figurative ancient wingback leather chair and let's let it happen.  Clearly, we'll talk about cars, but we'll also visit art, science, food, wine, fashion, music and passion, as no car was ever built or bought without at least a little of each of those elements. 


As long as I can remember, it's been about cars. I was the fat kid who wasn't the fastest runner, the highest jumper or even the best blocker. But I discovered that cars were a great equalizer. I could draw them. I could study them. I could get lost in reading about them. I could write about them. And finally, when I was 16, I discovered I could drive them. Well. Really well. On a track. On a dirt road. On snow or ice. It didn't matter. I had found my song. Then I found out I could do more. I could tell the story of a car or event. I could not only give them an image. I could give them voice. 


In high school I met Carroll Shelby, who became a 45-year friend and mentor. 

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